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  1. Linda says

    Thanks Lauren. Just setting up my website/blog/new business and trying to decide what to use. This was helpful.

  2. Heather says

    Hi, In a way I wish I had seen this post before purchasing WPTasty. I’ve been using their plugin now for about a month and I’m ready to pull my hair out. I switched from MealPlanner Pro because I couldn’t hyperlink any of the ingredients in that plugin. However, I’m finding out the limitations of WPTasty. – The templates “kind of” work. Depending on the theme you use it may or may not fit well in the page, look pretty, or line up correctly. For example, I tried the bold template and it worked very well. When I decided to try the modern compact I ended up with oversized print and pin buttons and the top info (author, time, etc.) did not line up correctly and was all over the place. – You really need to know CSS to be able to tweak the recipe to the way you want it. – The printed recipe is rather sloppy (prints large and can take multiple pages to print one recipe. – I’m debating whether to keep the license and hope for improvements, or get a refund and go back to MealPlanner Pro. I think the possibilities of a good plugin are there but they have a long way to go. Also, $79 per year is a lot to pay for a plugin that still needs work.

    • Lauren Gray says

      Oh no, sorry to hear about all the issues, Heather! Did you try reaching out to their support team? They could probably help with some of the CSS fixes. Unfortunately, a lot of recipe plugins don’t have cards that integrate well with your site unless you customize them. :/

    • Raquel Smith - WP Tasty says

      Hi Heather,

      I’m sorry Tasty Recipes wasn’t what you were looking for. We try to make the templates work on any themes, however sometimes the theme styling makes things go a little bit awry. In that case, we are always willing and available to help you get the styling sorted so that your recipes look just how you want on your website.

      If you have any other questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We are here to help!



  3. Anna says

    Lauren, Thank you very much for this detailed review. I appreciate that you conclude your review with an ultimate recommendation to try WP Recipe Maker and in what cases to use WP Tasty. So many people end up saying they’re all good and waffling on the ultimate decision. It’s great to know you recommend one and let the reader decide based on her needs.

  4. Florian @ ContentednessCooking says

    Hi Lauren,
    I’m wondering why exactly you think that MP Pro is not so much up-to-date anymore regarding modern requirement (I believe you mentioned something along these lines in a different post)? I’m currently using MP Pro and might consider switching to WP Tasty, if it is of an advantage. Would you elaborate on that briefly, please?

    Thanks, Florian

    • Lauren Gray says

      Hey, Florian, Meal Planner Pro is still a good option, but it does have a few drawbacks: (1) images aren’t cropped, so they’re larger than they need to be, and (2) they use shortcodes, so your recipes disappear when deactivated. (These items are the same with some other plugins, as well, so they’re not deal-breakers in my eyes.) It used to be the case that some of their scripts weren’t optimized, but they’ve since fixed that. 🙂

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