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  1. Brecht says

    Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for the writeup!

    Our previous discussion about WP Ultimate Recipe was actually part of the reason for starting this new recipe plugin.

    WP Recipe Maker was built using the experience we have and lessons we learned from 3 years of developing and supporting a recipe plugin. We wanted to build a great core product that any food blogger can use and takes care of the SEO essentials.

    It’s still an early version and we have many things planned for the plugin, including some of those cons you mentioned. (We do actually have an HTML ID in the form of wprm-recipe-container-123 with 123 the recipe ID mentioned in the shortcode placeholder).

    Looking forward to any feedback other food bloggers might have!


    • Lauren Gray says

      Thanks for responding, Brecht! I should re-phrase what I wrote about the HTML ID. I’m referring to a uniform ID that can be used on all recipes without js. The current implementation is what the majority of plugins are currently using. This requires us to use js to add a “jump” link, instead of just hooking into the theme (although, that also would require the ability to check if the post has a recipe inserted, anyway). Here’s my current implementation for “jump” links in WP Ultimate Recipe:

      • Brecht says

        Oh right, I see your point. We don’t use the same ID for every recipe because you can add multiple recipes to the same post/page and IDs should be unique.

        We could probably add a shortcode that adds a link to jump to the first recipe.

      • Brecht says

        Hi again,

        I just wanted to let you know that we’ve just released WP Recipe Maker 1.2.0 which includes brand new “Print Recipe” and “Jump to Recipe” shortcodes. You can add them by clicking on the “WP Recipe Maker” button just like when you’re adding a recipe and then going to “Recipe Snippets” on the left.


  2. Vegard says

    They are also coming up with a pricing option, so the reader can see how much each recipe cost. That’s very cool. I went from WP ultimate recipe to this plugin. Love it!

  3. Florence Richomme says

    Thank you Lauren for the information. I still can’t figure out for a multilingual blog / WPNL which one I should choose between WP ultimate recipe and WP recipe maker. I’m with Joomla for the moment and an preparing switch to WordPress and have to decide which one to choose.
    Thanks Florence

    • Lauren Gray says

      Hey, Florence, have you reached out to Brecht? He’s the author of both plugins and can help you make that decision. Feature-wise, I’d still choose WP Recipe Maker, so if there’s anything needed to work with your ML setup, I’d see what Brecht’s timeline is on implementing that into WPRM. 🙂

  4. Jenny Taylor says

    I use recipe card for years it’s been abandoned how do I migrate to a new recipe plugin like wp recipe maker without losing all my recipes or having to go back and redo every single one of them??? Any quick transfer options ? I don’t know html though…

  5. Marina says

    Thanks for the in depth post! Wondering if this plug in can convert all my existing recipes on the blog to its version, or would I have to do it manually?

  6. Sara says

    Thanks for the post. I’m in the beginning stretch of my food blog and it’s really important to me to choose a recipe plugin that makes the user experience straightforward. I like when recipes are visually compressed (not super stretched so the recipe follower doesn’t have to scroll down a lot between ingredient lists and instructions). Based on this 1 specification, do you think I’m better off going with the WPRM?

  7. Victoria Haneveer says

    I know this is an old post but I have a huge problem! EasyRecipe is no longer compatible with my (old) theme. I’m willing to change themes but can’t bring ER over because I can’t change the fonts etc to match, and I can’t get a new recipe plugin unless I can import hundreds of recipes between ER and the new plugin without having to do it manually! Do you have any advice for me? I messaged ER a full week ago (and am a Plus user) but they aren’t even responding 🙁

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