Level: Charming

You need a website that works as hard as you do to create content that converts.

That’s why we’ve dedicated our careers to building pixel-perfect custom themes for food bloggers. Creator Charming is our middle tier of theme customizations.

Are YOU a charming blogger?

You know what you want your site to look like…

and it’s probably going to include some new functionality. There are really cool ideas out there that you’d like to implement on your site, too!

You want to launch a customized theme with attention to detail in mind.

Customizations You’ll Love

(and your readers will too)

A footer with all those SEO links in a place where users will see them when they need them (when they’re so engaged they reach the bottom of the post). Plus a relevant CTA at the same time!

Lots of easy-to-use row blocks for specific posts, recent posts, or even manual content.

A big, visual grid for catching the eye of users that scroll a little too fast past the good goods.

Search bars everywhere. Never again shall a reader say they cannot find a recipe! (Just kidding.)

Authority-boosting review block. Use in posts, for products, anywhere we want cause it’s a Block theme!

A mobile header without a cumbersome tap-to-open menu that nobody but you uses.

Fun text-only blocks so we don’t overload readers with our mad photography skills, and instead remind them we’re people too.

Benefits of our Charming Customizations

  • You get a custom theme from the team at Once Coupled- at a discount from our conventional custom theme pricing.
  • Your entire website is built on blocks. Want to revamp your homepage for a season or holiday on the fly? No problem! Your new site is built using core WordPress blocks to shift and change as many ways as you’d like.
  • You enjoy the benefits of theme optimizations like SEO, UX, and ad optimizations while maintaining total control via block-based editing.

Compare Pricing

  • Charming customizations start at $18k for development, customizations & implementation. You’ll receive development with greater attention to detail, a slightly longer timeline, and an additional client review process to ensure your site is pixel-perfect before your launch date!
  • Champion customizations start at $40k for development, customizations & implementation. These projects follow our most intense custom theme development process using a fine-toothed comb and pixel-perfect approach from beginning to end. There are multiple phases of both internal AND client reviews for Champion clients. We schedule your specifically curated launch date for Champion themes based on mutually agreed-upon goals months in advance.
  • Confident customizations start at $7k for development, customizations & implementation. You’ll receive a shorter development timeline, faster turnaround, and our fully optimized theme built for bloggers at our next available launch date!

Getting Started

  • We require a $4k deposit in order to reserve your development start date.
  • We have limited availability, as we value maintaining our small but mighty team of experienced developers who are well-versed in the blogging niche.
  • To discuss development with Once Coupled, we’ll schedule a meeting to determine that your site’s specific functionality (and goals) are a good fit after you’ve reviewed our proposal.

Theme Support

  • During the development process and in the week leading up to launch, we walk you through your new theme to ensure that you understand how to use it moving forward.
    • It’s built with Gutenberg blocks throughout, so if you’re familiar with blocks this will be really straightforward for you.
  • We use our own child theme for each customization tier- as well as our base Creator Theme users.
    • You can check out our knowledgebase, which shares information about how to edit and optimize each aspect of Creator Theme on your own, independently.
  • Want a more hands-on approach? We’ve maintained a retainer program for Once Coupled custom theme clients for nearly a decade, and it’s still going strong. When you invest in theme customizations with Once Coupled, our developers are only an email (or Marker.io task) away.
  • We value the longstanding relationships we’ve created in our decade of working in the food blogging niche.

Let’s Do This

  • When investing in theme customizations with Once Coupled, you’re investing in a longstanding technical partner who’s willing and able to help your blog grow for years to come.
  • Are you ready to review our custom theme proposal and discuss scheduling theme customizations with us?

In 2024 we launched new plugin solutions & a templated theme. These tools offer custom development, easier editing & tech optimizations accessible to bloggers of all sizes.