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  1. sippitysup says

    Just an added thought. I switched to HTTPS. I figured, why not? I find it comforting to know my site is as updated as possible. Still, I noticed no real difference in the functionality or performance at all and sometimes wonder if I’m getting any benefit from the change. On the down-side, some ad networks run unsecured ads and these can throw off warnings.

    • Lauren Gray says

      Thanks for the input, Greg! It’s good that you’re not noticing any functionality or performance differences. Your SSL certificate is intended to protect the information of you and your readers without having any side effects. 🙂

      I’d check in with your ad network and see what they say about those unsecured ads. I frequently work with Mediavine, and I believe their policy is to block those ads using the CSP I mentioned above. That might be an option with your provider, as well!

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