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      • Ben Myhre says

        Do you use that option? And if so, are you happy with the results? It would definitely save me time, but sometimes I know these things don’t work as quite as awesome as we would hope.

        • Lauren Gray says

          I don’t personally, but I have clients who do and have not heard anything negative about it from them. I’d try uploading a large image and evaluating the resulting image dimensions with the various ShortPixel settings. If you’ve used WordPress’s built-in image sizes and cropping, I expect it will work just like that – but, again, I haven’t done my own testing yet. 🙂

    • Lauren Gray says

      Theme matters, but there’s no theme that will completely optimize your site (nor should it – functionality is the role of a plugin). I haven’t yet seen a pre-made theme that’s perfect out-of-the-box, but I did chat with Shay of Feast Design Co. when she was getting ready to launch her two newest themes, so they may be worth checking out. 🙂

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