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  1. Dan Mikesell says

    I found your code on GitHub. Exactly what I needed. Of course a few individual style preferences twits.

    If it is ok with you I will share to your code on Food Blogger Pro with a link to Github and your site. This has been quit the discussion for the last week. Please let me know if ok, I won’t do it until I hear.

    Thanks so much for the code.

    • Lauren Gray says

      Sure thing, Dan. I actually posted the code there originally, in response to a discussion. Since it’s hard to find, I’m sure members would benefit from a more dedicated thread.

  2. Mary Ann says

    This worked perfectly on my site. I adjusted the color and size a little to fit my site. Already received positive feedback. Thank you!

  3. Justin says

    Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for providing this code, I think it could be much easier than the manual button we are adding to our recipes now. You can see an example of what we are doing in this post:

    I was wondering, is there a way to move the button so it will show before the post text instead of appended to the post title?

    I tried changing the code above from this:
    $( ‘.content .entry-title’ ).append
    To this:
    $( ‘.content .entry-title’ ).after

    That moved it below the title but for some reason the css styling was lost when I did that. It just showed up as a tet link and didn’t retain the “button” look. Is there another way to accomplish this move and retain the styling? I basically want to re-create the current button (look and location) we have in our posts.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Lauren Gray says

      That looks really great on your site! If you want it to show up under the date, you can change “$( ‘.content .entry-title’ ).append” to “$( ‘.content .entry-header’ ).append” and then update the CSS accordingly. 🙂

  4. Kelly - A Side of Sweet says

    This seems like just what I was looking for to add this option to my site! By any chance do you know how I could change the code for the new Tasty Recipes plugin? Also is there an easy way to adapt it to add a “print recipe” plugin as well? Thank you SO much!

  5. Lauren says

    Hi Lauren,

    I’d really like to implement this, but I’m not tech savvy in the least. Do you know how to make this show on one line instead of three separate lines? If I can get that much, I think I’ll be okay. Thanks for any help!

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