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  1. Brecht at WP Ultimate Recipe says

    Hi Lauren,

    Interesting review! I understand that all the different features we offer can look like bloat when you don’t need them. I’ll look into the possibility of hiding them in the menu when disabled in the settings. But for now we won’t switch to an add-on system but keep offering the all-in-one solution.

    You’re definitely right that using custom post types can be confusing and requires a change of mindset, but in the end this is how WordPress intends them to be used and they do open up some interesting possibilities.

    Also, why annoying, the reason we force you to go through all of the recipe ingredients when migrating is because we want you to get the best possible experience with our plugin. Searching by ingredient doesn’t work well when the ingredient notes were incorrectly included with the name, for example. Or your shopping list looks strange if the automatic import suggestion was off. It’s definitely annoying, but should be worth it in the end.

    Anyway, happy to answer any other questions you or your readers might have!


    • Lauren Gray says

      Thanks for weighing in here Bretch, and for the many responses you provided to me directly. I hope my article also adequately covered the topics you mention in response, and I truly hope improvements to your plugin make it a more viable, and thus popular, choice in the future. If anyone wishes to contact WP Ultimate Recipe support directly, you can easily do so through a variety of methods, explained on the WP Ultimate Recipe site.

  2. Casey Markee says

    Great, great overview Lauren. A very balanced perspective.

    And hats off to Brecht for coming in here and providing his thoughts. I’m confident that the support team at WP Ultimate will continue to improve this plugin and make it a long-term viable option for food bloggers.

    My hat’s off to them for becoming the first plugin to “read the tea leaves” and see quite correctly that JSON is the standard now and in the future for structured data implementation in the recipe niche and beyond.

  3. Commodore Allen says

    Hi Lauren,

    FYI – Our Meal Planner Pro plugin has enabled the below features and functionality. v. 7.2

    We use three forms of recipe schema markup. JSON-LD for Google Recipe View, for Pinterest, and hRecipe.

    Recipe Rating have been re-enabled. They are Google Recipe View compliant.

    We’ve hired a full-time developer to improve and finish our ESHA nutrition system. When finished we’ll be able to automatically calculate and display the most accurate online recipe nutrition. No more manually entering this info anymore.

    There’s more but wanted to update you on these main items. Lots of exciting new features in the works.

    Meal Planner Pro

  4. Brendan Mooney says

    That is interesting. What about Wp Recipe Maker? ( upgraded version of WP Ultimate Recipes ) I use WP Ultimate Recipes for a site and have been waiting for its development to catchup. I want to make a party planning website. What do you think of WP Recipe Maker ?

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