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  1. Darien says

    Just today I realized I should check in with Google searches to see what people are asking for that’s related to my content. Once I see what those key phrases are, I can see if they’re reflected in my post in an organic way. Of course I have a zillion posts I’d have to go back through, which probably isn’t going to happen, but I can do this moving forward. Question: does it make sense to add this SEO data to my top performing posts or my more sluggish ones? Will this help make the top posts even more popular (or are they already OK) or will it help boost sluggish ones (which may be sluggish for other reasons including no one is interested in them)? What strategy would you recommend for retro-actively adding better SEO data to posts? Thank you!

    • Lauren Gray says

      I’d recommend working on your top-performing posts first. SEO data, text, images – everything. Make them hyper-competitive, learn from them, and THEN go apply that knowledge to your more sluggish posts. As for those posts, look at popularity and potential there to determine what order you update them in.

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