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  1. Andrew @ Blog Tutor says

    Absolutely. The most successful bloggers and businesses will build a team of people who can help them in various areas… hiring a “jack of all trades, master of none” doesn’t usually work out so well.

    We’ve decided to be experts in maintenance, security, and support — rather than in design and development — for exactly the reasons you mentioned. Narrowing our focus has allowed us to provide even better service for our clients. (And that has also allowed me to stop pretending to be a graphic designer!) 😉

    You also make a great point about the “hourly” features of most other support plans. I totally agree — which is why we include “Quick Support Requests” instead of “hours.” The idea is to provide solutions to problems (and answers to questions), without our clients having to stress about whether or not they’ve “used up” their hours in a given month.

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