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  1. RICE says

    Hey Lauren,

    I’m not a coder, but I’ve come to learn how to edit CSS and jump into the various files powering the blog, but I’m not sure how to make changes to the actual HTML … will you please point me in the right direction?

    : )

    • Lauren Gray says

      Sure RICE, when I say HTML I’m talking about the code you place in the “hidden fields” section. So you’re pretty much copying the input section of the HTML from the sign-up form you grabbed. All that code should be wrapped in the additional HTML tags I provided.

  2. Emily says

    Does this work for a hidden group? i have people grouped according to optins they are interested in, and so i want to add them to a hidden subgroup.

    • Lauren Gray says

      Hey Emily,
      Yes, this is ideal for hidden groups! One way to use it would be to automatically opt subscribers into various hidden groups based on how or why they subscribe. For example, by category when included at the bottom of certain posts.
      Whether a public group or a hidden group, the implementation is the same.

  3. Bijee says

    So if I have multiple sign up forms on my site and they are for different things, can this be used to automatically add them to a group without a check box appearing or them needing to select to be in that group?

      • Bijee says

        Lauren! Thanks for responding!! can you explain what you mean by “hide the input using CSS” I am fairly familiar with doing things with css, but never with a form.

        • Lauren Gray says

          If you create a div around the input, you can just hide that div – no need to bother styling the form itself. If you want to email me, I can get some more details about your specific goals and help you set that up. 🙂 Just start with a contact form and we can talk more over email!

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