Theme Customizations


Confident customizations start at $7k for development, customizations & implementation.

You’ll receive a shorter development timeline, faster turnaround & a fully optimized theme at our next available launch date!

We typically recommend Confident customizations for clients with less than 100 posts.


Charming customizations start at $18k for development, customizations & implementation.

A slightly longer timeline includes an additional client review process so that you can ensure your site is pixel-perfect before your launch date!

Additional templates, blocks & customizations are offered for clients on a Charming theme.


Champion customizations start at $40k for development, customizations & implementation.

These projects follow our most intense custom theme development process using a fine-toothed comb and pixel-perfect approach from beginning to end.

Champion is our truly custom approach to development- bringing client’s visions to life.

Our 10+ years of experience in the food blogging niche speaks for itself.

We’ve worked with hundreds of bloggers navigating the technical landscape of food blogging. Here are a few of our ongoing, longstanding relationships…

…did I mention we’ve worked with some of these bloggers for that entire decade? That’s right, we have ongoing support for our custom themes. A service very few web developers have reliably offered in our niche.

Retainer Services

Any past clients looking to work with us directly for custom development are cared for on a retainer basis. This is how we manage your ongoing contract and keep up with details like your site logins.

We bill monthly at the end of each month for the time spent on your site specifically.

Sound like a good fit?

Get in touch as soon as possible, as we are currently scheduling new projects.

In 2024 we launched new plugin solutions & a templated theme. These tools offer custom development, easier editing & tech optimizations accessible to bloggers of all sizes.